In the peak of summer heat, most people try to find a way to cool off, have fun, and relax. Kiddie pools provide a practical, relatively inexpensive way for children and adults to beat the heat and have a good time. We have featured a variety of kiddie swimming pools below for your convenience – including both hard plastic pools, as well as inflatable pools. Have a look around!

Kiddie Swimming Pools

There are several different types of kiddie swimming pools. These pools differ in materials they are made of and the shapes/size of the actual pool. Also, the prices of pools of various size, shape and composition will fluctuate accordingly.

kiddie poolsFirst, the most basic type are a hard plastic kiddie pools. These types of pools are generally quite shallow and more difficult to store. However, they are generally less expensive than some other alternatives.

People usually purchase these plastic kiddie swimming pools if they have small children that do not know how to swim yet or if they do not have enough room in their yard for a larger pool.  Hard plastic kiddie pools are also usually small enough to fit on a deck or patio area.

Next, there are some slightly larger pools that consist of a liner and an inflatable ring.  There are several different sizes of this type of inflatable kiddie pool.  Some can be as deep as three or four feet and about ten feet in diameter.

kiddie pools

How these pools work is the larger ring that encircles the pool is blown up with air.  As water fills the pool, the ring simply rises with the water level until the pool is completely full.  Consequently, the walls are not very stable and cannot support someone’s body weight when leaded against.

plastic kiddie poolsPeople who have more space to accommodate a larger pool typically purchase the inflatable, deeper pools.  It is not recommended that these pools be placed on decks because of the increased weight of the larger volume of water.  Some varieties even come with a small filter to keep the water clean.

It is important to not let the water in a kiddie swimming pool stand for too long.  It can become a breading ground for insects, like mosquitoes, or algae can form; making the liner of the pool slimy.

Also, always remember to keep your pool covered when not in use, especially if you have small children that are just learning how to swim or if you live in a popular neighborhood where others can easily access your pool.

Kiddie pools are a good solution to cool off during the summer heat and can easily stored throughout the winter for years of fun.

We’re continually adding information to our site. For now, please check out some pool-related videos below for your viewing pleasure.

inflatable kiddie pools

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